Monday, January 28, 2008


I've had questions from my faithful readers about what the heck an RSS reader is as I mention about adding PhunKidz to your RSS reader and stopping the torrent of email that I keep sending you. It's probably best to answer in the context of something that you already know. It's like someone dropping off a newspaper article on your doorstop every morning (or even every minute for some prolific blogs) and then ringing the doorbell. There are many different RSS readers (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication) but I use Google Reader. Now, that's probably a stretch for most of you as you may not be reading a lot of feeds so I offer you this simple recipe for getting Phunkidz on your Facebook profile (with a nod to Marny and Mel as this is the only interface they seem to have anymore to the Internet):
  1. Go to your Facebook profile and in the sidebar click on the edit link next to the word "Applications".
  2. Click on the Browse More Applications button.
  3. In the search box type "simply rss" and click search.
  4. Click on the orange button that looks like it's got white ripples in an orange pond inscribed on it.
  5. Click on the Add Application button
  6. Click on the Add Simply RSS button
  7. Click on the Skip button. In general, it's a bad idea to spam all of your friends when you add a new application.
  8. Click on the Add a Feed link
  9. Configure the dialog to look like the picture that I've enclosed here. You can see the picture better if you click on it in this email.
  10. Click Add and you are done!
Yow! Your profile will now have the PhunKidz blog in all of its glory.

Read the PhunKidz blog! Point your RSS reader at: Let me know and I'll remove you from this mailing list so you don't get duplicates!

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