Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did you know?

Hello my Kidz!

Today we're going to look at statistics. This video talks about how our society is increasingly exponential. It's exciting or terrifying depending on your perspective. We are living in interesting times!

These types of statistics have had a material impact on my life. Witness the discussion at the dinner table with Mrs. Spanky:

Me: Me sweet little potato peeling, did ya know dat dere are more of dem dere honors students in India than all da students in dis here US of A?

Mrs. Spanky: You daft booger, here's a statistical for ye: dere's 9 in 10 that I'm gonna clock ya with dis frying pan unless ya shut yer gob. Eat your mush.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Wear Green!

Phunkidz, it's important that you know where you come from and celebrate your roots. Despite his swarthy skin and dark hair Mr. Spanky does have Irish blood running through his veins, believe it or not. It isn't just the potato cravings or his affinity for woolly sheep either. Witness the discussion with Mrs. Spanky at the breakfast table:
  • Me: "Aye begora! I found a wee leprechaun in me oatmeal dis mornin'."
  • Mrs: "You're a daft booger for sure--eat your mush."
If that isn't proof enough then I'll eat a bucket of shamrocks.

Alert Irish reader LO found a charming vid that is just in time for St Paddy's day, which, coincidentally, is next Tuesday. Watch out for Irishmen crossing the street: they're sometimes staggering.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

The World's Ugliest Cat

WARNING: If you've recently eaten you may want to wait until you have digested your meal before proceeding.

Mr. Spanky does not get up in the morning looking for things like you'll find in this post. Unfortunately, it is still my duty to alert Phunkidz readers to the weird, wacky, and well, no, it's just plain weird.

Hiyaaah! This is one ugly cat. It looks like a cross between a bad wig and a hairless rat. Check out the movie on the site link below to see Ugly Bat Boy in action--creepy.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Skittles: Viral the Rainbow

Mr. Spanky adores the new and clever--it's hard tearing himself away from the mirror to scour the web for things like this but he needs to cater to the hordes of phanz that dog the blog. To whit, I just stumbled upon a very clever marketing campaign from the folks who make those little fruit-flavored sugary chewy unnaturally-colored thingees that have that mysterious faint chemical aftertaste.

It uses Facebook to allow people to talk about, comment on, and add to a few ads, fun little apps, and pictures that have been posted. Interesting to see a campaign seeded by the company and then virally taking off with people that can participate. Witness the 585,109 (and counting) fans that are linked to this page and the 1,571 comments they've posted. Whoever the marketing firm is that dreamed this one up gets Mr. Spanky's Golden Award of Brain and a license to print free money.

I especially loved the Tailor ad. There are four guys wearing suits: check out all three mirrors.