Friday, March 13, 2009

Wear Green!

Phunkidz, it's important that you know where you come from and celebrate your roots. Despite his swarthy skin and dark hair Mr. Spanky does have Irish blood running through his veins, believe it or not. It isn't just the potato cravings or his affinity for woolly sheep either. Witness the discussion with Mrs. Spanky at the breakfast table:
  • Me: "Aye begora! I found a wee leprechaun in me oatmeal dis mornin'."
  • Mrs: "You're a daft booger for sure--eat your mush."
If that isn't proof enough then I'll eat a bucket of shamrocks.

Alert Irish reader LO found a charming vid that is just in time for St Paddy's day, which, coincidentally, is next Tuesday. Watch out for Irishmen crossing the street: they're sometimes staggering.


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