Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Secret Life of Lobsters

S reminded me of a great book that I read a while ago that revealed interesting facts about a phun food: lobsters. Yummy for sure but when you step back and look at it they're basically on par with bugs--big underwater bugs. Don't they're telling me that they're not bugs they're crustaceans. Bah! One might imagine that eating them was basically an accident, like, no Thag don't put that in your mouth... ooohhh! Thag eat bug! Thag probably came to a bad end. Or perhaps it was a case of being really really hungry. The kind of hungry that would overtake your better sense and have you salivating at the thought of eating a monstrous insect.

One might be concerned about killing them by plunging them into boiling water. People tell me they scream. One might be soften one's heart to hear their little scrabbling at the sides of the metal pot as the cover goes on. One might until you know an important piece of information: lobster's urinate on each other in order to communicate. I am not making this up. This is clearly spelled out in that fascinating book: The Secret Life of Lobsters. Given this prolific urination they have not one but two bladders! I won't even tell you where those bladders are located. Ok, I will. Their bladders are not located in appropriate lobster places where little lobster pants can keep them hidden. No. They are located one on either side of their eyes! Can you imagine running around at school peeing on everyone out the sides of your head in order to talk to them? Uh huh. No sympathy now.

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