Saturday, July 25, 2009

Psychic abilities

Kidz, I'm always reminding you to use your brain. Be skeptical. Question everything.

Don't get me wrong: Mr. Spanky would like to have psychic abilities. It would be brilliant if I could move a beer from the fridge and the chips from the pantry to the barcolounger without moving. And the chocolate. And the 20 yr old Scotch from the rec room upstairs. Yeah, Mr. Spanky is totally digging his telekinetic awesomeness.

Here's a video showing psychic abilities. A table is set up with a paper pinwheel beneath a glass bowl. The psychic moves the pinwheel with his mind. Astounding! Think a little bit before answering the questions that the author poses on his site:
  1. Does this video prove the paranormal? Note that paranormal is a general term that describes unusual experiences that lack a scientific explanation or that are supernatural.
  2. If this is not paranormal, how was it accomplished?
The answers will surprise you!

Is this a demonstration of paranormal psychic powers or is it bogosity? Eager to find out -> click this link.


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