Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ecofont: Save Ink, One of the Most Expensive Liquids on the Planet

Did you know that printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet? It's about $500 a gallon, slightly more than champagne, nasal spray, and blood. Perfume is 5x as expensive and gasoline is about 40x cheaper. As his children print off glorious full color sheets on the home printer, Mr. Spanky's wallet is shrinking in concert.
Fortunately, the folks at Consumer Reports have lead the Spankster to Ecofont. Ecofont is to a regular font like swiss cheese is to cheddar. Is its nutty, sweet flavor is perfect with turkey and mayo on whole wheat? No! It has holes. The crafty engineers at Ecofont take every day fonts and punch holes in them. The holes are only visible close up--they tend to get partially filled as the surrounding ink seeps into them. The result, however, is less ink used! Although they have fonts for sale, they also have a free sans serif font, Spranq, for download. Now that's more in line with my budget!

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