Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cicada Molt

From Wikipedia:

A cicada (pronounced /sɪˈkɑːdə/ or pronounced /sɪˈkeɪdə/) is an insect of the order Hemiptera, suborder Auchenorrhyncha, in the superfamily Cicadoidea, with large eyes wide apart on the head and usually transparent, well-veined wings. There are about 2,500 species of cicada around the world, and many remain unclassified.

Better yet, there is a time lapse photo of the cicada molting about half-way down the page that is pretty darn cool from a bug lover's perspective. Mrs. Spanky expressed her concern over my hemipteric musings as follows: "Yew daft man, by all that is gud in dis werld, yew be the biggest wastrel I hever laid me eyes on."

(M.A.Y. this link is especially for you. Click it, no really, click it!)

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