Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wordle: Beautiful Word Clouds

Kidz, have you ever been looking for that perfect title page for your end of term paper? Fear not, the bold and daring eyes of Mr. Spanky come to your rescue. Alert sprite that I am, I found this very nifty cloud tool that will create a picture from the words of your prose: it's aptly named "Wordle".

What is a word cloud? Quite simply it is a graphical depiction of the word count in the supplied text where higher frequency words are shown larger than those of lesser frequency. For example, I've taken Jabberwocky, a nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll, and run it through Wordle as you can see above. If you want to know what a Borogove is, I recommend you read the Wikipedia link, it comes with a handy glossary.

1 comment:

bubba said...

that wordle's pretty cool mr. spanky. it does point out the less than expansive vocabulary of the Bigtubofgoo though. i better ask for a thesaurus for xmas.