Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apple vs PC and the Mactini

The kidz in my household know that I've given up on PCs: the endless disk defragmenting, spybot cleansing, anti-virus scanning, not to mention the constant software hangs and crashes. As our PCs wear out I'll be replacing them with Macintosh computers. Is it because Mr. Spanky likes the svelte curves and sleek design of these Apple machines? No.

Underneath all that Appley glitter is a plain old Unix operating system. What's Unix? One of the oldest, most stable, and reliable operating systems on the planet. Yup, Mr. Spanky is a pragmatist. He's writing this blog on his MacBook and secretly smiling every time the kidz and wife throw their hands up in frustration because of Windoze. But, he still has to take out the garbage, which in this case means disk defragmenting, spybot cleansing, anti-virus scanning, and rebooting of those PCs. I don't give them more than another 4-6 months before I have to buy new ones...

N.B. Even though Apple has bowed out of being present at Macworld, they still keep on innovating. Witness the latest release of the Mactini, the smallest Mac ever.


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Bob said...

Well, it's not an Atari ST but I guess the Macbook is okay...

It's nice to get away from the world of registries and dll-hell. I remember the first time I bought a PC. I'd been using my ST for two years by the time I bought a Toshiba laptop (a screaming 16 MHz processor and 40 MB hard drive!).

First time I used it I thought, "what the hell?". Command lines. DOS. Crashes. Clunky, ugly graphics. Windows 3.0. It was like stepping back a decade.

It's been such a breath of fresh air to get back to a decent OS after enduring so many years of MS garbage.