Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas Puzzle

As you kidz all know, Mr. Spanky loves a good puzzle. Something to get the old neurons firing at 110%. Our brains need the exercise after playing Wii video games non-stop for three hours resulting in glazed eyes, slack jaws, twitchy fingers, and the beginnings of drool leaking out the sides of our mouths. First, go to the bathroom and clean up. Then come back and solve this puzzle! Many thanks to alert reader MO for providing this fun.

Mr. Spanky, displaying his generous nature for the season, will send to the first person to email in a complete list of correct answers a worthwhile prize. What is worthwhile? A page of Phunkidz stickers and 10 Moo cards to give away to your friends. It will definitely increase your cool factor around the school or at a minimum get you strange looks.

The following Christmas carols were written by government officials. Can you guess the original titles?
  1. My sole desire for the Yuletide season is receipt of a pair of central incisors
  2. Allow crystalline formations to descend
  3. The antlered quadruped with the cerise proboscis
  4. The event occurred at one minute after 11:49pm with visibility unlimited
  5. Ornament interior passageways with large sprigs of a berry-bearing evergreen
  6. Personal nocturnal hallucinations of an alabaster Dec 25th
  7. Jovial yuletide desired for the second person singular or plural by the first person plural
  8. Testimony of witness to maternal parent's infidelity with Kris Kringle
  9. In a distant bovine diner
  10. Exclamatory remark concerning a diminutive municipality in Judea Southwest of Jerusalem
  11. Are you detecting the same aural sensations that I am?
  12. Clappered inverted cups, electroplated
  13. The diminutive adolescent male who plays a percussive instrument
  14. May the Omnipotent Supreme Being bring respite to you, ecstatic distinguished males
  15. Pastoral woolies nocturnally observed in vigilance by herdsmen
  16. "Commence auditory reception" the announcing cherubs vocalize
  17. Who's that mystery kid?

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