Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Swine Flu Was First Transmitted to Humans

Alert reader RO passed this fine picture along. Although the technical details may elude some of you, you can definitely see from this photo how first contact was established.

You can get a relatively up-to-date map of the swine flu incidents here. The more caring of my readers will want to know that Mr. Spanky is taking great care to protect himself: washing his hands, donning a surgical mask, shaving his head, and bathing regularly in Purell.

But his neighborhood is not immune--the local high school has been closed due to a swine flu positive student. Take care, kidz, and keep those hands out of your known portals of entry for pathogens.*

* According to the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene these portals are the mouth, nose, and conjunctiva of the eyes.

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