Monday, April 13, 2009

Your First Car

One of the things that my daughter, MO, is always on about is what her first car will be when she starts to drive this summer. I keep talking about second-hand Toyota Corollas and other reliable and cheap (yes, cheap!) cars. She's of a different mind. She wants something good for the earth and often talks about hybrids and electric cars (although I think she'd take a convertible Mini Cooper in electric blue if I forced her to). All of this confuses Mr. Spanky. AFAIK, there *are* hybrids but they cost $$$ more than a regular car. There are no reasonably priced electric cars (Tesla and Fisker included). It's an undeniable fact that what burns a gaping hole in Mr. Spanky's wallet can't possibly be good for the earth, unless you want to start turning dollar bills into compost.

My daughter's desires to help the planet and indulge in her God-given right to drive in the US of A are, gasp, unrealistic. Until now. This is brilliant--if Mr. Spanky could claim credit for this invention he would in a heart-beat, that's just the type of person he is. This is a $13K electric car that seats four and, get this, doesn't go faster than 30 mph. Heehee! It's perfect for a new student driver. MO won't know what hit her. Whups, bad choice of words.



bubba said...

this might fit the bill for a first car:

world's cheapest car

Mr Spanky said...

Check out the car site:

Bob said...

That's not a car Mr. Spanky, that's a speed bump. Rather than the environment, what MO should ask herself is, "what is good for Alberta?"

More specifically, "what is good for Alberta's oil industry?"

Might I suggest the 1968 Galaxy 500? Provided one is careful to keep the gas tank filled, it is a reliable automobile. Its chassis inspired the design of the M1 Abrams tank.